Saturday, December 13, 2008

A visit from Santa

Thursday was the Jeff High School Athletic Department Christmas party. We look forward to this every year - Mike and I because of the yummy potluck food and the boys because Santa Claus always makes an appearance and hands out gifts.
While we were waiting to eat, Seeger took our pictures.

After dinner was the visit from Santa. Nicklas received a 20 Q.

Seeger was looking forward to telling Santa about all the items on his list. Here is a photo of him getting started.
And still talking...
And still talking! Seriously, the kid has a list a mile long!
Finally, he got his present. Surprise - a new Thomas train engine.
And the funny shot of the evening... Nick's face after eating a sour piece of candy.

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Stephanie B. said...

So I totally saw Seeger snapping shots of you when I was across the room and totally thought "I bet that will end up on her blog!" LOL! And we officially apologize to Seeger for confusing Rhenaeus with James. hahaha.