Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight thoughts

I have to chime in with my thoughts on the movie, Twilight. The following post contains spoilers so if you haven't read the books or watched the movie, you should stop reading right now.

I understand the movie was done on a pretty low budget and I'm trying to take that into consideration. And I guess for being low budget, they did a pretty good job.

(But really, why low budget? It was so clearly, plainly obvious that this was going to be a huge hit. I have a hard time believing they couldn't get the monetary backing they needed to do it all proper.)

1) Overall, I thought the movie was okay. There were parts I liked and it followed the book fairly well. But there were also parts I didn't like. I really thought the script and acting didn't delve enough in to the characters. But hubby (who hasn't read the books) saw it with me and he picked up much more than I would have thought. So I guess my expectations were high going into it.

2) I hated the music. HATED it.

3) I hated the special effects. What was with the weird speeding up of the Cullen's walking? I realize as vampires they are fast and it's important to show this but I don't think the effects really showed this. I would have preferred to have the Cullen's disappear and reappear.

4) I don't think Kristen Stewart did a good job portraying Bella.

5) They didn't show enough of the vampires "special skills".

6) Jasper freaked me out. I know he was supposed to struggle to restrain himself around Bella but really, the 3 second blip they showed of him almost made me laugh aloud. And he didn't look like a beautiful vampire. He looked like a freak.

7) Edward wasn't nearly as glittery as I would have thought. And they were supposed to be in this beautiful meadow with full on sun shining down on him. Not a random break in the trees.

8) The tracking scene was way too short. You didn't get the sense of despair and fear Bella was feeling. And the fact that it was really tough for her to get away from Alice and Jasper wasn't played out.

9) I know I'm getting nit-picky but Bella wasn't nearly clumsy enough.

10) I'm all for a multicultural cast but really, the demographics in Forks were not realistic.

11) The girls sitting behind me in the theater were annoying. They kept laughing at inappropriate moments. I'm not sure they were even watching the movie. (I know this isn't really related to the movie but it definitely affected my overall experience.)

Things I liked....

1) Robert Pattinson = Edward Cullen = Awesome.

2) The movie really captured the dreariness of Forks.

3) Charlie and Carlisle. When I first saw Carlisle, I wasn't convinced but the more they showed him, the more I liked him.

4) Jacob Black. I can't wait to see more of him. (I may have to change to Team Jacob in the next film.) Oh and Billy Black too!

5) Alice, Alice, Alice. Ashley Greene did an awesome job with her visions.

6) The tree climbing. I thought it was a great portrayal of the magnitude of power and ability Edward has.

7) The ending because it definitely left me wanting more. Despite everything, I'll be excited to see New Moon when it comes out. (And knowing how quickly they'll play everything out, I'm hoping I won't have to endure months and months of annoying "Oh woe is me" Bella. Skip that and get the juicy Jacob stuff.) And I can't wait for more Rachel LeFevre. I've been a fan of hers and she wasn't show nearly enough in this first movie.

8) Did I say Robert Pattinson? Oh, I did? Well, it's my blog so I'll say it again.


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