Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Instead of tackling a new post today, I thought I'd provide some updates on the life of Kubatski. These are all very random and in no particular order:

  1. The Wii Fit is going well although it's annoying to log in one day and get scolded. "I see you haven't been back for three days. Use Wii Fit every day for maximum results." (How annoying is it to have your t.v. call you out on not exercising?!) I have lost 3.5 pounds in two weeks though so I can't complain. And the strength training exercises kicked my ass last week. My gluts were so sore on Saturday, I nearly cried every time I had to walk down steps. But that's a good thing, right?
  2. Speaking of scolded, it's one of Nick's spelling words this week. He's taking his spelling test today and there are two words he was a little iffy on this morning - suspicious and delicious. (I know that doesn't relate to any blog posts but we practices his words so much yesterday, I can't get them out of my mind.
  3. Thanks to my pal Stephanie, Seeger now has a bee costume for Halloween. She picked one up on Freecycle for me which is really awesome. Although it's homemade and I'd like to think I could do better reality is that I probably couldn't and now I don't have to try. (I'm actually a little bummed to not be making his costume but I do still have to do the antenna's so we'll see how that goes.)
  4. I finally caught the first episode of Grey's Anatomy. I should apologize to for all my ranting as I've realized I was the problem. My work computer doesn't have the most current version of Adobe Flash Player which is why I couldn't get the episode to load. Unfortunately, I don't have administrative privileges and I'm too embarrassed to ask our tech guy to have it loaded onto the computer. (I mean really, why would I need Flash Player at work unless I was goofing off?) I have to say, I'm getting a little bored with Grey's however I did like the icicle in Christina story line. And is Hunt coming back for any episodes? That man rocked!
  5. My mouth is finally healed from the wisdom teeth. I stopped taking my ibuprofen a few days ago and I can actually chew food on both sides of my mouth. Yay! I have to give a shout out to my wonderful hubby for putting up with me throughout the ordeal. He did an awesome job of not only taking care of me but running the household during my drug induced state.
  6. The Charity Quilt is finished! MIL and I are traveling to Michigan this weekend to deliver it and help with the fundraiser. I'll post pics when I get them. I really liked how it turned out. Now I must think about a baby quilt for a friend who is due in December and another charity quilt for Nick's schools fundraiser. But not until I finish the orange, red, and yellow quilt I've been working on. (I bought the borders this weekend and hope to sew them on soon!)
That's it for the updates. This afternoon, I'm picking up Nicklas from school (half-day) and taking him to lunch with the gals. Then he's going to hang out with me at work for the afternoon. Tonight my gal Christy and I are going to see You Can't Take That With You. Christy writes news releases for the University so she gets comped tickets. Bonus!


MTR said...

I love the best/worst idea. Seems like a great way for the family to really talk... I may steal that one. Sounds like a good idea maybe to keep a journal near the table and write everyone's best/worst.

Natalie said...

Yeah, it's been a good communication tool. We get much better responses than if we ask the kids (and each other for that matter!) how their day was.

Aryanna said...

Nice post..! I am excited to see that bee Halloween costume.