Thursday, October 9, 2008

Run in with the MSP

Wanting to show support for little Ethan, MIL and I decided to spend the weekend in Michigan, to help with the fundraiser. We drove her car, a brand new Toyota Camry. Now I'll admit, I drive a Highlander so being in a small car probably made me drive a little zippier than usual. As I'm cruising along Highway 14, coming toward I275, I see a state patrolperson who has pulled over someone on the side of the road. Being the conscientious driver I am, I promptly move to the left of the three lane highway. After passing the patrolperson, I promptly return to the far right lane.

Less than two minutes later, the MSP is now pulling me over.

"Oh crap," I say to MIL. (I actually may have said "oh shit" but I try to refrain from profanity in MIL's presence.) "I'm getting pulled over."

"Were you speeding?" she asks.

"Well, yeah," I say. (I mean really, doesn't everyone speed when driving on the interstate?) "But I think I was only going about 5 miles over." (This might have been a lie. I might have been going faster. Maybe. Yeah, probably.)

As Mr. Friendly comes to the window, I give him my license and the car registration.

"Where are you headed to today?" he asks.

"Oh, just on my way to Hazel Park," I reply.

"Are you in a hurry?" he asks. To this I think, oh crap, I WAS speeding and he's going to bust me.

"No, not really."

"Well the reason I pulled you over is because I was at a stop and I saw you serve into the far lane and come back pretty quickly to the left. How's your driving record?"

"It's good," I reply. (Which is true. I've only had one ticket in the past tem years.) He walks away. Right away MIL says she would argue. Afterall, I was simply getting over for him. I realize she's right (even though as I said, I may have been driving a little zippier than usual.)

As he's walking back to the car, I scope him out and realize he doesn't have a ticket in his hand. Relief!!

He approaches the window. "I'm going to let you off with a warning but please tone it down and try not to drive so aggressively."

Now, I'm a little annoyed. I'm not really an aggressive driver. Fifteen years ago? Yeah, aggressive driver. Now, a 33 year old mom? Not so much.

I can't let it go. "Um, excuse me officer," I say sweetly, batting the eyelashes. "I have a question. In Indiana, state law says you're supposed to move to the left lane when passing a patrol vehicle. That's why you saw me drive from the right to the left and back."

Mr. Friendly, looking down at me like I'm such a silly, cute little thing for questioning him. "Well yes, that's the law in Michigan too but the manner you did it was just a little too aggressive. Now, you have to be somewhat aggressive on this road but just not that aggressive," he says. "Now you have a good day." And then he winked at me.

I left my cute face on until pulling away at which point I rolled my eyes. I have to drive aggressively but not too aggressively??? What the hell does that mean?

Oh well, at least I didn't get a ticket.


Christy said...

Close call!

The Bopper said...

Take it from a guy who knows a couple Michigan State Police. Tell the truth, they will be cool with you. Cry? Automatic Ticket.