Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parent/teacher conference

Can I just say how lucky I am? Really, truly. Hubs and I are constantly complimented on our parenting and while I know we do a good job (for the most part), I just feel like Nicklas and Seeger make it so easy. They are great kids. Really truly.

Yesterday was Nick's parent/teacher conference. I always enjoy conferences for Nicklas because his teachers never have anything but good things to say and it reminds me of how lucky we are. He's an excellent student, well behaved, tries hard, follows direction, etc. Now that he's in second grade, he's starting to get actual grades on his school work. His averages range from 85% - 89% and considering he's doing third grade work, we are very happy with his progress. In looking at his standardized test scores (testing at a second grade level), he scored 96% in reading and 99% in math. That's nationwide. Regarding his math score, as he teacher commented, "It doesn't get better than that." See? We're so lucky.

Hubby and I continue to appreciate the opportunity he's been given to take part in the gifted/talented program in his school district. It's a self contained program and although some parents don't like that, it's truly the best fit for Nicklas. We are fortunate that we don't have to deal with the issues that could arise if he were in a mainstream classroom. Very, very fortunate. And in terms of GT programs, our school district has one of the best in the state.

I used to think that all the kids in the classroom were doing well in the program but as I talk to more and more parents, I'm learning that others are struggling. One child is having behavioral issues and has begun punching other children. Another child struggled with the language arts portion of class (while excelling in math) and has been moved out of the program (but still comes to participate in math). Another child is struggling socially and doesn't have friends to hang out with.

But Nicklas is happy, healthy, excelling and being challenged at the same time. Homework is often too easy for him but there are some instances where he has to work at it. Most importantly, he loves school and he loves to learn.

We are very fortunate. Really, truly.

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