Monday, October 20, 2008

It's the great pumpkin...

Even without at IU game to travel too, we had a busy weekend. Hubby and I spent a good part of Saturday attending a Purdue wellness class (if we complete a certain number, we each receive $250 for the year). After class, the boys helped us pick up and get the house ready for poker. Hubby decided to rearrange some furniture to so we could have both poker tables near the t.v. (thus allowing guests to watch the baseball playoffs). Although we only had 12 play this month, the game lasted longer than ever before and things weren't wrapped up until 2:30am. (And it only ended because the last two playing - hubby being one of them - decided to split the pot.) Sunday we slept in a bit and then headed to the pumpkin patch.

Each year, I tell hubby we should just buy our pumpkins at the store but he's very clear that he wants to support the local farmers. So we make the trek to the country in search of the perfect pumpkin. This has become a great tradition for the kids and I'm happy hubby was so insistant in years past. After hearing great things about a Millennium Farms from my gal Julie, we decided we'd go there this year. The farm features a hay ride to the pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin as well as activities such as tractor rides, a petting farm, and pony rides. Nicklas opted for the straw bale maze. It was fun to watch his grin as he made his way through the maze. Seeger was immediately attached to the bouncy house. We had trouble convincing him to come out!
After the activities, we had our hay ride to the patch where we all picked out our pumpkins.

Next weekend will be carving time so I have a few days to decide what I plan to do with my pumpkin.