Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Friday

Hubs was sent home from work on Thursday due to a fire at the high school. After spending the morning helping direct traffic (and forcing the students to go home - or at least vacate the parking lot - so the officials could investigate and begin clean-up) he met up with his colleagues for breakfast and spent the rest of the day grading papers. By Thursday evening, he received word that school would be closed the next day and since I was already jealous of the first unexpected day off (even though I had also taken the day off to chaperon Nick's field trip), I decided to take Friday off work too so we could hang out together.
Our highlight was taking Seeger to breakfast. Afterward, we watched a movie and I did some quilting while he played Wii. Time flew by and soon enough, it was time for me to pick up Nicklas from school. I'm sure there are parents who don't enjoy picking up their children from school. But as a working mom, I enjoy the chore and it always makes me feel - for just a few minutes - like a stay at home mom who has been home doing laundry and making dinner while the rest of her family is at school/work. I can almost feel the June Cleaver of the situation (June was her first name, right?). The stay-at-home-mom feeling didn't last long however as I had to meet up with my co-workers for a planned ice cream social in an effort of team building. The good news is after the ice cream, I spent the evening at home (with a dinner of KFC, very un-Cleaver like)with the boys (hubs was making elephant ears at the high school football game) and was able to do even more quilting. I finished the borders of my Sunburst quilt, bought fabric for the back, got it squared up and started pinning the layers. I also put together the blocks for a small wall hanging I'm doing for our stairwell. And bonus, I found fabric from my stash that I can use for the back of the wall hanging. Extra points for the stashbusting contest!


stephanie b. said...

i believe her name is june cleaver. and the stay-at-home mom stuff is great until you start talking like a child 24/7. hahaha. i'm excited to go back to work, but i do like my time with the boys right now.

Natalie said...

Ah, yes... June Cleaver. I have no idea where I go Betty. Who could forget June and Ward? Apparently I can!