Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog template

Thanks to those who noticed the new design of my blog. (Hubby didn't which is quite okay with me since he ALWAYS makes fun of me when I finally realize he's gotten a hair cut - usually five days after the fact.) Anyway, the blog design is okay but really its just a template. Pretty boring and so like everyone elses. I want something a bit more fun; something interesting and personalized. Something that reflects the quilter in me. I found an awesome template at but with my meager technical skills, I haven't been able to get the html to work correctly. (Which is why I have a new design - I deleted my old template, couldn't reload it even though I'd saved it, and had to scramble to pick something else and get my blog live again.) I haven't found any other templates I like but then I came across delicious design studio. I've seen several of their designs and love them! And they're giving away a free design which fits into the whole cool quilter blogger thing I'm trying to go for. So I hope they choose me!

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