Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been reading some blogs and Facebook comments about 9/11. Most are heartwarming and many talk about where the writer was when she or he heard about the tragedy. As a parent with young children, I'm struggling to figure a way to share this anniversary with my children. Nicklas wasn't even a year old when it happened and Seeger wasn't born. They'll never fully grasp what that day meant to those who personally experienced it - just as I could never comprehend how my mother felt when she learned of the JFK assassination.

I visited NYC in 1996 with my friend Christy. We spent part of an afternoon at the top of the World Trade Towers, looking out over the city and it's Burroughs. We also visited Liberty Island where I took the following photograph of the beautiful Manhattan skyline.

That skyline was forever changed on 9/11/01 and it was very sobering to think about during my recent trip to New York.

One of the blog writers stated she felt that people weren't doing enough to remember. Her comment bothered me. Who is she to assume that because some people don't post their thoughts or talk about it or because they go about their daily business, this means they aren't thinking about it? I AM thinking about it. And not just today. I think about it every time I talk to my uncle who was in working in the city that day. I think about it every time I watch the opening credits of an episode of The Soprano's (both the first few seasons with the towers in the background and the latter seasons when that image was removed). I think about it when I'm at the airport, struggling to get my shoes on and gather my belongings quickly so as to not hold up the line behind me. People handle tragedy differently. The way its handled doesn't make us better - or inferior - to others.

My thought.... keep remembering but keep LIVING. Our country is becoming embattled in an upcoming election. We have bitterly different opinions about who should lead our great country in the next four years. It's about now and it's about the future. Thanks for reading my rant - best to you and yours.


The Bopper said...

Ill never forget the day Natalie. I was still at MSU and preparing for gameweek vs. Missouri. We hadn't yet opened, yet our personal lines were ringing. The confusion was crazy. First it was a random plane, then after the second plane hit it was obvious. Confusion and disbelief ensued as we heard about the Pentagon and another plane that could not be accounted for, which ended up being United 93.

I took my lunch walking around campus, which at MSU is very nice like IU, trying to take it in. I remember thinking that there was no way we were playing football on Saturday, which we didn't.

The next week was eerie. MSU vs. Notre Dame, national Television audience, Catholic University, and I think everyone was a bit on edge. Its funny that visiting my dad before the game he was a calming influence saying, "Well if Osama wants me, here is where Im going to be for the next 4 hours..." as he showed me his ticket and seat location.

Ill really never forget every week as I go someplace new. Its always in the back of my mind, but so is the fact that like my dad, I have to keep living life.

Carrie said...

Thank you, Natalie. I think you managed to crystallize how I and many others feel - I agree that we should be proud to be moving forward, without feeling guilty that it is somehow 'not enough' of remembering the past.