Sunday, September 28, 2008


October is nearly here and after seeing pumpkins at the grocery store, Seeger and Nicklas are getting excited about Halloween. Both have known what they want to dress up as since I first asked them in August. Nicklas wants to be a zombie. (He doesn't know what a zombie is but says he heard they're really scary.) It seems like an easy costume to make so I'm all for it. At first Seeger said he wanted to be Curious George (his costume from last year) but then changed his mind to a bumble bee. I'm not sure why but it will be cute.

I searched the internet for a bee costume and although I found some, I've convinced myself I can make something for a lot less money. Hubby seems to have his doubts when figuring in the labor (and probably all the whining I'll do to him) but that just makes me more determined.

In honor of my upcoming challenge, I thought I'd look back at previous costumes (some hand-made and some store bought). In 2005, we all dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I found green sweatsuits for the boys and made them some shells. I also made shells for Mike and I and we all wore masks that Nicklas had and we carried our weapons with us. (Although, it's hard to carry a weapon, while holding hands, carrying a bucket for candy, ringing a doorbell, and eating candy.) Oh, and Seeger wouldn't keep his mask on.

In 2006, Seeger wanted to be Thomas the Train. We turned his wagon into Thomas and put him in a train conductor uniform. He was more excited about the train whistle than anything else! He loved having a Thomas wagon and was devastated when we finally removed the panels the following summer. He still asks for them when he sees photos of it.

We always go trick or treating with the cousins - a nice tradition. Ben was an airline pilot. I loved his costume! (See how Seeger is still blowing on that whistle? He did that ALL NIGHT LONG!)

Nicklas decided to be Wonder Guy. What, you've never heard of him? That's because he made him up. He had a visual in his mind of what Wonder Guy would look like. After drawing it out on paper and talking through it with him (I felt like I was on Project Runway!), I was able to determine that he had a red mask, a red cape, he wore a red shirt with a lightening bolt and cloud, and he wore red and yellow tights. It was funny to hear people ask him who he was dressed as. "Wonder Guy!" he'd reply. They would always comment that they must be out of touch with kids stuff because they had never heard of Wonder guy before. I'd just shake my head and smile. Anna was a cowgirl.

Last year, Seeger wanted to be Curious George so Nicklas decided to be the Man in the Yellow Hat. I found Seeger's costume for $10 at an Old Navy in Milwaukee. Score! Nicklas wore some Spongebob pajamas turned inside out. I spray painted a straw hat and my mom made him a tie to wear. Again, it was interesting when people would ask what Nicklas was dressed as. He'd say the Man in the Yellow Hat but few actually knew who that was. I'd try to explain it and point to Seeger. It was their turn to smile and nod at me!

Ben was a boxer and Anna was Snow White. I can't wait to see what they dress as this year! And hopefully my costume making will go well. I have an idea in my head of how I'll make Seeger's costume. I hope to do some fabric shopping this week.

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Christy said...

Ah, such cute photos. I'm bummed you didn't post the octopus photo though ... that's my all-time favorite. :)